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Africa is the second largest continent and the second most populated continent. With 1 billion people living on the continent they make up 14% of the worlds population.

Africa is made up of a desert and a jungle depending on what part you would like to travel in. The climate makes Africa a great place to find animals roaming around. Most of the time you have to go deep inside to find the animals. Hopefully when visiting Africa there will be enough time to get lost deep in the desert on a wonderful 69 day tour. The tour is from the beatiful Darkar to Douala. Experience life in the middle of no where and at peace with the land and animals. Not enough time for that? Thats ok why not snorkal with the great white sharks in southern africa. While in Southern Africa there are also smaller safaris to experience. Hiking Mt kenay and My Kilimanjaro while visiting in Kenya is for you real outdoorsy people out there. Hiking either one of those beautiful mountains would be an experience that no one could ever forget. Something to tell the grandkids someday!

Hopefully thinking about visiting Africa is somewhere on your bucket list because you will for sure not disappoint anyone.

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