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Whitewater Rafting Rivers

The purpose of this web page is to create a useful reference of all of the rivers where you could expect to go whitewater rafting.

We also offer a page devoted to locations where you would find whitewater rafting adventures.

We also expect to be able to offer one white water outfitter of exceptional quality for each river. This won't happen quickly, since we need to find high quality guides.  One by one, we'll add expert guides to the appropriate river page.

Right now, we have a description of most (but not all) of the premium North America rafting rivers, with a sprinkling of world wide rivers.

We'll add more locations, rivers, and guides or rafting expedition companies as we become familiar with them.

Help out!

If there are white water rafting rivers that you DON'T see listed here, let us know at and we'll do some research!

Alsek River
American-Middle Fork River
American River-North Fork River
American-south fork River
Arkansas River
Black River
Chattooga River
Cheoah River
Clackamas River
Clear Creek River
Colorado River
Dead River
Deerfield River
Deschutes River
Dolores River
Flathead River Middle Fork
Flathead River South Fork
French Broad River
Gallatin River
Grande Ronde River
Green River
Green River Gorge
Hess River
Hudson River
Illecillewaet River
Illinois River
Kennebec River
Kings River
Klamath River
Klickitat River
Leheigh River
Liard River
Lower John Day River
Madison River
McKenzie River
McNeil River
Merced River
Methow River
Moose River
Nantahala River
Nenana River
New River
Nolichucky River
Nooksack River
North Santiam River
North Umpqua River
Ocoee River
Ottawa River
Owyhee River
Penobscot River
Pigeon River
Primrose River
Rogue River
Sacramento River
Salmon River - California
Salmon River - New York
Sandy Gorge
Scott River
Selway River
Skagit River
Skykomish River
Snake River
Six Mile Creek
Tatshenshini River
Tieton River
Trinity River
Tuolumne River
Tutshi River
Upper John Day River
Upper Klamath River
Upper Wenatchee River
Wenatchee River
West River
White Salmon River
Wind River
Yampa River
Yellowstone River

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