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Oakville Jazz Festival

Enjoy a weekend of free admission sensational jazz at Ontario's Oakville Jazz Festival. Held every year in August, The Oakville Jass festival delights music lovers worldwide in Ontario's picturesque Downtown Oakville. World renowned jazz musicians put on spectacular concerts, free to the public, in this quaint upscale hub.

Visit the Oakville Jazz festival and enjoy a magnificent weekend of electrifying jazz, fine dining and upscale shopping. Celebrating its twentieth year this August, the Oakville Jazz festival honors the finest in jazz music, bringing together a wide array of award winning jazz musicians. The Oakville Jazz Festival celebrates the rich culture and time honored traditions of jazz in over 50 separate concerts and events. Enchanting Downtown Oakville provides a mesmerizing backdrop for a weekend of jazz and entertainment. Downtown Oakville is situated along scenic Lake Ontario. Take a stroll by the lake, stop for a bite at a fabulous fine dining restaurant or browse the many unique upscale boutiques, you're guaranteed to have a memorable experience.

For over twenty years, the Oakville Jazz Festival has dazzled music lovers with big name performers. Each year the festival continues to grow bringing the best of jazz, dining, shopping and the irrestible charm of Ontario to visitors worldwide.

When in Oakville or Mississauga, consider staying at this Oakville hotel:

Country Inn By Carlson, Oakville

2930 South Sheridan Way · Oakville · Ontario · L6J 7J8 · (905) 829-8020

During your stay in Oakville, Ontario, our hotel will provide easy access to local attractions like the Canlan Ice Sports Arena, the renowned Glen Abbey Golf Course and the AMC Oakville Entertainment Centrum

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