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Whale Watching in Lincoln City

Whale watching in Lincoln City, Oregon, is one of the most spectacular things you will ever witness in your life. The great thing about the coastline, is the residential gray whales. This gives visitors the unique opportunity to study and interact with these majestic creatures on a daily basis all summer long, until they migrate south.

Over 18,000 whales migrate along the Oregon coastline, to their feeding grounds in Alaska. They make their way down to Baja California, Mexico, where they breed and nurse their young till they migrate back north again. During the months of June through November about 40 whales make the Lincoln City coastline their home You have the lucky opportunity to see these beautiful animals all summer long in Lincoln City. You can view the whales right off of the coastline!

Some people charter boats for a closer view or to dive with them, and some people prefer the view from above with a plane or helicopter. Anyway you view the whales at Lincoln City is sure to be one to remember for the rest of your life. So don't hesitate to visit Lincoln City, Oregon, from the months of March to January where there is plenty of whale watching to go around to everyone.

Lincoln City Hotels

Shearwater Inn

120 Inlet Court · Lincoln City · Oregon · 97367 · 541-994-4121

Looking Glass Inn

861 SW 51st Street · Lincoln City · Oregon · 97367 · 541-996-3996

Pelican Shores Inn

2645 NW Inlet Ave · Lincoln City · Oregon · 97367 · 541-994-2134

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