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Surfing in Lincoln City Oregon

Lincoln City, located along the northern Oregon coast, is home to seven miles worth of sandy beaches, and even more miles of rocky coastline. These rugged costs have the largest surfing waves in Oregon, and are even the location for an annual professional surfing contest, the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic (a stop on the Big Wave Tour).

The optimal time to surf in Lincoln is from the summer to early fall months. There are surfing locations for most levels of experience. While there is far more paddling involved when surfing off of the sandy beaches along the northern portion of the coast, there are less sharp reefs and dangerous rocks. The southern coast of Lincoln City produces the largest waves, but also know you’ll have to maneuver more dangerous terrain. These waves are for the experienced surfer as they are powerful, and come with swift tides. Surfers also need to be mindful of sharks, and sharp reefs in the area. Waters along the Lincoln City coast are cold, surfers need to be fitted in a wetsuit to surf these waters year round. Also, there are not lifeguards on station at Lincoln City beaches.

At any one of the three surf shops in town, visitors can rent wet suits and surf boards. This is also a great spot to ask about local surfing conditions. For surfing enthusiasts, the coastline of Lincoln City, Oregon is a must see.

Lincoln City Hotels

Shearwater Inn

120 Inlet Court · Lincoln City · Oregon · 97367 · 541-994-4121

Looking Glass Inn

861 SW 51st Street · Lincoln City · Oregon · 97367 · 541-996-3996

Pelican Shores Inn

2645 NW Inlet Ave · Lincoln City · Oregon · 97367 · 541-994-2134

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