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It’s one thing to view art, and quite another to make it yourself—and with Mor Art, personal creation is key! Visitors may sign up for classes or speed classes to learn new skills or improve upon them.

These classes include glass fusing (which is divided into three categories: beginners, intermediate, and advanced), glass mosaics, and one-day classes (in which larger creations can be made). Stained glass-inspired work, creative portraiture, mosaic tiling, and abstract pieces come together to form an incredible legacy of work that has been fostered and nurtured by none other than Lincoln City, Oregon’s Mor Art! All the tools necessary for the classes are provided by Moor Art at no extra charge! Prices are as low as $25.00 for starter kits and range up to $150.00 at the advanced level of glass fusing. Because of the low teacher-to-student ratio, a luxurious amount of personal attention is available to those interested in honing their skills as an artist.

For those interested in attending classes, Mor Art can be reached at (541) 994-2427. Mor Art is located at 4933 U.S. 101, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367.

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