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Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio

Celebrate the timeless tradition of glass art with your next trip to the Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio in Lincoln, Oregon. Located in a beautiful Oregon coastal town, this unique art studio allows you to create your very own work of art.

Admire the beautiful artwork of talented artists and make your own glass float or bowl to bring your creativity to life. The Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio is owned by the city of Lincoln and allows talented artists to create magnificent works of art and collaborate with the public at the same time. Visitors can sign up for the glass making process and will be guided through the process with a professional to safely create their own one a kind blown glass art. The glass is kiln fired and cooled and can be picked up the next day or shipped to the customer's home address. Visitors can watch glass art being created through the day, learn about the unique process of glass art and interact with talented professional artists.

The Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio also features an accompanying gallery that showcases magnificent glass art and sculptures from talented Oregon artists. Why observe art from a distance when you can be involved in a dynamic hands on experience that brings your imagination and creativity to life. Transform an ordinary substance into a beautiful vibrantly colored work of art and truly admire this tine honored tradition. Becoming a part of the art process and creating your very own work of art at the Jennifer Sears Studio will be a memorable experience that visitors will treasure for a lifetime.

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