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Unearth and collect treasures from the sea on your next beach combing adventure in Lincoln City, Oregon. Enjoy a tranquil walk along pristine Oregon beaches while searching for magical treasures that have been deposited onto the beach by the stunning power of the Pacific Ocean.

Lucky beach combers may even unearth an ancient fossil or prized agate stone. Comb the beach for hidden smooth driftwood, shells, smooth nuts, semi precious stones, fossils, fishing floats, sea glass, petrified wood, and other treasures washed up from the sea. The ocean transforms ordinary objects into silky smooth polished objects that sparkle in the sun. lucky beach combers may discover a piece of agate, moonstone, quarts, carnelian and jasper. Beach combing is a magical hobby because the sea is constantly changing and you never know what treasures await after a high tide.

Lincoln City and the Oregon coast is prime beach combing territory though visitors should take care to observe timetables and treat the changing conditions with care. A fun and free hobby suitable for all ages, beach combing is a magical way to spend an afternoon outdoors at the beautiful Oregon coastline.

Lincoln City Hotels

Shearwater Inn

120 Inlet Court · Lincoln City · Oregon · 97367 · 541-994-4121

Looking Glass Inn

861 SW 51st Street · Lincoln City · Oregon · 97367 · 541-996-3996

Pelican Shores Inn

2645 NW Inlet Ave · Lincoln City · Oregon · 97367 · 541-994-2134

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