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Alderhouse Glassblowing Studio

The Alderhouse is a definite stop for families or individuals traveling through or near Lincoln City, OR. As an open glassblowing studio, it offers a fascinating, educational experience for everyone.

Open daily10:00 am and 5:00 pm between May and October, you can see Buzz and Anne Williams, the owners, turn molten glass into beautiful art pieces. Buzz began Alderhouse over 40 years ago. Anne joined the operations over 20 years ago after meeting Buzz at the studio and marrying years later.

The current location and operation is referred to as Alderhouse III , which opened in March 1999. There are other glass blowers who also take part in the operation aside from the Williams, including Kyle Gribskov and Treasure Collupy who interact with visitors helping explain this 2,000 year old practice.

Not only can you witness the process of glassblowing, but you can also take home a wonderful piece of artwork to recall the experience. If you are traveling in the area, be sure to stop at Alderhouse III. The studio is just minutes south of Lincoln City and about 20 miles from Newport, OR. Add this stop to your plans to be amazed by this art form.

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