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Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach, Oregon was a small city, thought to be discovered by William Clark. He is a famous explorer known as being half of the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition.

A Navy ship sank in 1846 and a cannon washed up on the shore in 1898. This name stuck with the locals in the area as Cannon beach as a nickname. However the beach was named after Ecola creek at the time. In 1922 The Post office department changed the name to Cannon Beach due to Ecola being confused with the word Eola, and that is how the beach received its name.

Cannon Beach is close to Portland and is commonly used by Portlanders. It economy is made up of tourism. Cannon Beach does not allow chain stores to develop in the area to preserve the unique character of the community.

One of the well-known landmarks of Cannon Beach is Haystack Rock. The city is known for its parks, offering four of them. John Yeon, Haystack Hill, and Tolovana Beach State Parks, and Les Shirley Park are all within the confines of the city.

Cannon Beach is a great place to visit and an excellent place to enjoy wildlife and nature that the Oregon coast has to offer.

Schooner's Cove Inn & Hotel

188 N. Larch · Cannon Beach · Oregon · 97110 · 503-436-2300

The Wayside Inn

3339 S. Hemlock Street · Cannon Beach · Oregon · 97110 · 503-436-1577

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