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Thompson Okanagan

Kelowna Bay Resort - Kelowna Resorts - Luxury condominium vacation rentals at Discovery Bay and Discovery Pointe on Lake Okanagan, just moments to downtown Kelowna, British Columbia.

The Hopeless Romantic B&B - Kelowna Bed and Breakfast - adult oriented Kelowna bed and breakfast. Nestled against the hillside we overlook the breathtaking Okanagan Lake and city of Kelowna.

A View to Remember - Kelowna Bed and Breakfast - Discover the natural beauty of the Okanagan Valley - endless beautiful beaches and spectacular vistas overlooking 82 miles of lake with over 2000 hours of sunshine.

A Touch of English - Bed and Breakfast - Okanagan Valley Bed and Breakfast accommodations. A Luxury Summerland B&B

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