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Banff Lake Cruises

Banff Lake Cruises at Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for visitors to explore the beauty and majesty of Banff National Park.

The one hour cruise on Lake Minnewanka offers incredible views of Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies, as well as an exciting glimpse of the wildlife that inhabit the area. The tour includes an oral description of the area and its history. Guides offer engaging stories about the area's natives and the explorers who first settled Banff. There is also a rich amount of information available about the local vegetation and wildlife as well as the fishing opportunities available on Lake Minnewanka. There are also an abundance of one of a kind photo opportunities for the amateur or professional.

This cruise is ideal for individuals, couples, families and other groups. The Banff Lake cruise offers something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what their age or interests. The scenery on Lake Minnewanka is unparalleled to anything offered in your average lake cruise. Plan your next trip for the Canadian Rockies with Banff Lake Cruises!

When in Banff, consider staying at this Banff hotel:

Banff Inn

501 Banff Avenue · Banff · Alberta · T1L 1A9 · 403-762-8844

The Banff Inn offers modern hotel accommodations located on Banff Avenue, only minutes away from the downtown shops, restaurants and many of Banff's attractions "Parking your car basically across your room is quite convenient. For the rest, standard but neat hotel.

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