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What to Do?

Have you ever found yourself in an unfamiliar city with time on your hands? Didn't have time to do all of the research or thought you could do that when you arrived? We've created a site filled with pages of attractions for communities you might find yourself in whether you travel to get there, or reside in that community.

We created this site so that people can find interesting things to do, whether they are visiting a community or maybe already living in that community but weren't aware of some of the attractions. Maybe you'd like to explore your own back yard! There are activities for families, cultural and historical, festivals and fiestas and everything in between!

Balance Between Commercial and not so Commercial

We are trying to create a balance between commercial attractions and non-profit, or publicly funded attractions. We'll include commercial attractions if they are out of the ordinary, or "you have to see this" type of attractions.

There are lots of opportunities for commercial attractions to draw people to their particular attraction. This website is not a commercial-fest of advertising and competition. There are a lot of great places to visit that don't have the budget to attract lots of visitors - hopefully we can help match them to interested people with this website.

Help Out?

Ultimately, all communities will be represented, but there are only select communities at this time. If you can assist us in building the site and wish to submit articles, or suggest page topics, please contact us!

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